Example: Integrating getNEXT with JIRA

Some organizations use JIRA to manage their projects and tickets across multiple parts of their organization. In those instances, you can use Zapier to communicate between getNEXT and JIRA.

See the JIRA help page for more information about JIRA’s Zapier connector, including what triggers, actions and searches are supported.

Some common use cases for connecting getNEXT and JIRA are:

  1. Creating a Job in getNEXT based on the creation of a new issue in JIRA or the update of an existing JIRA issue. (Note: A filter step can be included to restrict the action to ensure that not all JIRA issues result in getNEXT jobs if undesired.
  2. Updating a JIRA issue based on a getNEXT job being set to a specific status or when a specific metadata value is chosen. This can be performed by searching for a corresponding JIRA issue or using the value from a getNEXT custom metadata field to store the related JIRA issue ID.

Have another idea for a getNEXT/JIRA integration? Please contact us.