getNEXT Plug-in for Zapier

getNEXT users can use the getNEXT Zapier connector to configure getNEXT to interact with over 1,000 other applications! The Zapier platform allows you to connect applications in a series based on a Trigger from one of the apps causing the “Zap” (also known as an Automation) to perform a series of steps that can involve performing searches for data, executing custom code and actions in different applications.

The multitude of apps with Zapier connectors and their individual actions, searches and triggers mean that there are an endless number of tasks that can be performed.

If you are not familiar with Zapier, take the time to review these two overviews:

  1. What is Zapier?
  2. How does Zapier work?

Triggers & Actions

The getNEXT connector for Zapier supports one trigger and one action.

The getNEXT trigger executes a Zap on a getNEXT job when the job meets the criteria specified in the Trigger configuration. The trigger configuration uses getNEXT’s filters  to constrain the total list of jobs being managed to a set of jobs with specific values. For instance, a filter can look for jobs with a specific profile and/or metadata values (ex. a job is set to a certain status). The Zapier configuration lets you further sub-select based on conditions specified in the trigger setup. Once configured, Zapier automatically runs the trigger filter every 5 or 15 minutes  and processes any results that are new. Using this logic, Zapier will not execute the trigger multiple times on the same job even if it remains in the trigger filter result set.

The getNEXT action will create a getNEXT job. In this step the user can configure the job metadata and attach a file to the job as part of a Zap. In the Zap configuration, the user can choose values or files from the trigger app and other apps in a multi-step Zap and insert them into a getNEXT Job.


Since a user can customize their Zaps in thousands of specific ways the integration possibilities are endless! If you have a suggestion for a featured integration, contact us.

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(Note: While the getNEXT Zapier connector is free to getNEXT customers, premium connectors other features  require a premium Zapier plan.)