Welcome to getNEXT® Software Development Kit!

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the getNEXT Software Development Kit (SDK). The getNEXT SDK includes content for the Application Programming Interfaces (API)s in getNEXT, including the REST API, the Scripting API for InDesign and InCopy, Custom Panels, ioUtils, and our Zapier integration. This documentation is intended to provide detailed information to developers hoping to extend the getNEXT platform and integrate the product with third-party solutions.

We hope you are as excited as we are to make your getNEXT experience awesome!

Using the getNEXT SDK Documentation

The documentation contains API reference topics and feature overviews for the programming elements available in getNEXT. To locate the topics you need, you can use Search feature or the navigational menu in the header. In addition, you can browse API reference topics within each area or choose a specific topic from the navigational menu.
While there are some code examples within the various areas of the SDK, complete examples can be found at our GitHub account. Feel free to fork our projects, submit pull requests, and browse the content there!

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