Example: Integrating getNEXT with HootSuite

Managing your social media is a critical component to any communications strategy. Many organizations turn to social media management tools to coordinate the posting of their content across multiple social services and accounts. A popular option is HootSuite. With our Zapier plug-in you can easily take content and metadata from getNEXT and put it into a queue for posting to social Media.

See the Hoot Suite help page for more information about HootSuite’s Zapier connector. As of this writing, the HootSuite connector supports a single action, “Schedule Message”. With this action a user can automatically schedule a new post to be distributed to Social Media.

The content for the post can be generated from getNEXT managed content using a combination of metadata, for scheduling date/time and short-form content like a Tweet to be sent to Twitter, and job files such as images to be posted or the text of a Digital Editor document to be used in a longer post to your Facebook page.

Incorporating processing actions in between your getNEXT trigger and your HootSuite action can further refine the data coming from getNEXT to provide exactly the information you are looking to post.

Don’t have HootSuite? No problem. Zapier supports multiple Social Media Management tools and direct integrations with Social Media platforms.

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